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About the Connors Group

April Connors brings a wealth of local knowledge and a deep connection to the Tri-Cities area, encompassing its heritage, neighborhoods, schools, events, and activities. Alongside her, Elizabeth Bousquet forms an integral part of the professional support group. Together, they possess extensive experience in real estate, title services, skilled negotiation tactics, and a steadfast commitment to meeting their clients' unique needs and preferences. They diligently guide each transaction from start to finish, ensuring a seamless journey until the close of escrow.

Elizabeth is a valuable asset to the team, excelling in buyer representation and proficiently coordinating all aspects of the closing process. In addition to her core responsibilities, Elizabeth has also taken on leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to implement effective real estate marketing strategies. Her intelligence, enthusiasm, and unwavering attention to detail guarantee that tasks are promptly completed, and exposure for property listings is maximized.

April holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Washington State University and has an impressive range of real estate experience. Prior to her residential sales career, she served as the Operations Manager for Voit Development Company, actively involved in the development of diverse commercial buildings, low-rise industrial parks, and high-rise master-planned commercial centers. She has also completed the Urban Land Institute's Commercial Real Estate Development School and is certified as a New Home Construction Specialist.

April and Elizabeth have built their thriving business on the foundation of satisfied past clients and word-of-mouth referrals. Recognizing the diverse needs of both families and individuals, April firmly believes that homes serve as the bedrock for those who shape and sustain a community. Residing in Kennewick with her husband and raising four children, April wholeheartedly supports the local school districts, as well as the nations of Haiti and Guatemala, where two of their children were born.